Google I/O 2014 – List Of Features Announced

Last Updated On : Saturday, March 12, 2016

Google I/O 2014 was kicked off. For those who missed to watch/attend the developer conference, here is the complete list of features announced in the developer conference. In this developer conference Android has major upgrades and highlights and it has a lot of upcoming features. To add more, Senior Vice President at Google Sundar Pichai said Android now has more than 1 billion active users per month, that’s something like 93 million selfies taken every day.

Here are the list of features announced in Google I/O 2014 – Day 1 :

  • Android One
  • Android Wear
  • Android Auto
  • Android TV
  • Android apps On Chromebook
  • Chromecast update
  • Google Fit
  • Google Play
  • Google Cloud
  • Google Cardboard
  • L Developer Preview [Material Design]

Android One :
Google introduced a program called Android One which will specify a set of hardware and software guidelines for smart phone makers. This program was introduced with the motto to cut down the cost and time required to built better smartphones. Initially the first devices with Android One concept will set to arrive from manufacturers from India [Micromax and Karbonn] which will cost less than $100. Micromax’s first device will offer a 4.5-inch display, dual-SIM slots and support for SD cards. This concept will reach the middle class peoples to use the android smart phone and make the small manufacturers to get in to Android smartphones market.

Android Wear :
Android Wear was officially launched and the Android Wear devices will be available on Google Play Store from Today. LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live will be available from today and The Moto360 will be available from later this summer. Android Wear SDK will be available for download to all the developers from today. You can remember that few days back Android Wear Developer Preview was launched  as a trial for this.


Android Auto :
Android Auto is developed to help the people while driving. It is fully voice enabled, the users can connect their android smart phone in the compatible car, so the AUTO UI will cast on the car’s screen. Drivers can also send and receive text messages using solely voice command features to keep their hands and eyes on the steering wheel.


Android TV :
Google brings the complete entertainment with Android TV. You can stream live TV, YouTube videos, play games from google play store. Users can also telecast content from their Android device to the Android TV just like a Chromecast.


Android apps On Chromebook:
Now you can receive your android notifications, view apps from your android phone as well as in your chromebooks.

Chromecast update :
With this update, the users can no longer need a WiFi network to chromecast. You can search for the nearby devices and connect via cloud. This feature will be added in the chromecast devices and will be available in the market later this year.

Google Fit :
Google Fit is a multi OS API launched for fitness apps and devices. Google Fit brings all the user’s fitness data into one place. The Google Fit Platform Preview SDK will be available in next few weeks. Will keep you posted on the updates.

Google Play :
Some minor updates are made to the Google Play Store.

Google Cloud :
Google Cloud technology has a lot of improvements. This suite of tools includes Cloud Save, Cloud Monitoring, Cloud Trace and Cloud Debugger. Google also demoed Cloud Dataflow, which lets you create data pipelines for ingesting large data sets.

L Developer Preview [Material Design]:
Google’s L Developer Preview is nothing but the key to the next version of Android. The interface in the android will be the major change in the next version and google called it as “Material Design”. The UI and everything has been redesigned. The navigation bar at the bottom of Android has three simple shapes – a triangle, circle and square. Animations are natural. Icons are changed. You can also take part in helping the developers @ Google Design page. As per the conference details, the new version of android include a new battery saver mode.

Google Cardboard :

Google Cardboard puts virtual reality on your smartphone. Know More @ Google Cardboard 

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