WordPress Beta Tester Plugin Guide

Last Updated On : Monday, July 14, 2014

WordPress is the popular blogging platform and its developers are continuously releasing the updates to the product more effective. Whenever a software or a new product code is set to launch, then before the official launch, its beta version is released to the developers you can start using the product and help to find the bugs and errors in the product, hence they can improve the code and it will be corrected in the final version.

WordPress is also releasing the beta version to its developers before any stable release. As you know that Beta versions are not the final product, hence wordpress didn’t recommend you to install and use the beta versions on the live blog or website. Also the beta version updates will not be directly available in the blog admin portal. But if you want to experience the WordPress Beta versions in your blog lively, then here is the solution. WordPress Beta Tester Plugin which allows to install the beta versions on your live blog.

Once installed, it will enable you to upgrade your blog to the latest Beta or Release candidate at the click of a button using the built in upgrader. By default once enabled it switches your blog onto the point release development track. I recommend you to backup your blog before you update any beta versions.

How To Install :

Installation process is similar to the other plugins in WordPress.

After the installation process, you can navigate to Tools -> Beta Testing to configure the plugin. In the Dashboard page, you can have an option to upgrade to beta versions.

WordPress Beta Tester Plugin Guide (2)

Options :
Point release nightlies. If the current release is 3.3.1, then this will put you on the track for 3.3.2 development.
Bleeding edge nightlies. If the current release is 3.3.1, then this will put you on the track for 3.4 development.

Download the Plugin