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Top 5 Programs and Productivity Apps 2017

In our fast-paced modern society, time is the new currency. Whatever we can do to increase our productivity and save us a few seconds, is considered a valuable resource. Technology has allowed us to do more with what we have available to us. Whether it’s learning new knowledge, reading media, or sharing documents, tech has given us on-demand communications and storage solutions.

Learning to sift through the thousands of innovations in the tech sector to find a few that can save you time may seem like a self-defeating task. With this in mind, we decided to help you out and get you started with five of the best programs and productivity apps available in 2017.

PDF’s Anywhere, Anytime

The team at Soda have developed a fully functional PDF suite that you can access directly from your mobile device. There is no need for one-off applications for your PDF’s and no need to store the entire PDF software on your mobile device. With Soda, you get the full functionality to create and view any pdf format right from your mobile device.

Notes on the Go

Do you come up with brilliant ideas on the go? Maybe you could benefit from a note app like Evernote. This app lets you store notes, sketches, and memos and then sync them with all of your other devices to allow you to work on developing the idea where ever you like.

Catch it Later

The pocket is one of the most popular convenience apps of 2016. This helpful tool allows you to store media files and documents that you are reading or viewing and catch up with them at a later date. All it takes is a click of the icon, and the file is stored in the cloud, ready for you to access on-demand.

Coordinate Your Team

Collaborate with your team and reach your deadlines on time with Basecamp. This collaboration tool works with mobile and desktop platforms, as well as iOS and Android. Basecamp allows you to add team members to create a community. Add multiple projects and team members, while staying in contact with everyone directly through the platform. Receive notifications of updates to projects and reminders of work to be completed on project deadlines that need your attention.

Manage Your Time

Feel like you just don’t have enough time to get everything done? This weakness is the number one complaint form professionals looking to improve their productivity. Often, we just don’t realize how much time we spend doing tasks online. Time Tracker records all the sites you visit and the length of time you spend there. The app gives you a report daily or weekly, showing you exactly where you spend your time online, giving you the chance to change your behavior.

Streamline your work processes and make more of your private media time. Apps can organize your approach to the way your share and store data, improving your user-experience and enhancing your productivity. These five apps are just the tip of the iceberg, but they are a great start for anyone looking to achieve more from their mobile device and their time.

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