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5 Useful Tips in Improving Data Center Operational Efficiency

Data centres are increasingly becoming an indispensable component of modern computing systems. This trend is due to the increasing need by companies and other organizations of essential data in their decision making. If you are a data centre manager or operator, you need to adopt new monitoring tools like a data historian to help meet your customers’ demands.

Data centres help organizations in maintaining data needed in their day-to-day operations. Such data include emails, audio files, electronic documents, and videos. Through the use of good data management practices, data centre managers can optimize their servers’ capacity.

Benefits of Maintaining Appropriate Data Management Practices

The proper maintenance of accurate, complete, and readily accessible business information can benefit an organization immensely. Here are some advantages of having a secure and efficient data management system:

  • Data accessibility – In business planning and management, the availability of accurate information is of utmost importance. If you can access the data you need quickly, you can make informed decisions that can make or break your business.
  • Business interest protection – Every document plays an essential role in the smooth operation of a business. An important decision now can still be applicable in the future. It is, therefore, necessary to manage your data to protect your organization’s business interests.
  • Regulatory compliance – Authorities already require that essential documents, such as contracts, and financial statements should be made readily available for a certain length of time. Also, if you are involved in a lawsuit, you are required to maintain the necessary documents as your evidence until the court reaches a final judgment.
  • Adaptability to technological advancements – To maintain the accessibility of your data, you should upgrade to new technologies and adapt your data to your new platform. Ensure the proper transfer of all your electronic documents to your new platform.
  • Cost and time savings – With inefficient data management practices, you can lose a significant amount of money, aside from the problems that can emerge due to a lost document. By adopting best practices, you can avoid such issues and enhance your operational efficiency.

How You Can Improve the Efficiency of Your Data Center Operation

As a data centre manager or operator, you face day-to-day issues and challenges that can compromise your ability to maintain the efficiency of your system. However, adopting best practices and conducting regular data centre cleaning is necessary to avoid unplanned outage that could result in considerable business losses. Here are some strategies you may consider to bolster your system’s efficiency:

  • Decommission old or outdated servers and other equipment to clean up your physical space. Make sure to erase all data in your old computers before getting rid of them.
  • Adopt the best practices introduced by the International Data Sanitization Consortium for maintaining proper data hygiene.
  • Install tools like data centre infrastructure management and data historian software to monitor the performance of your equipment correctly. These tools will allow you to refine the operation of your system.
  • Ensure you meet regulatory compliance standards to enhance your efficiency and reliability.
  • Make sure to maximize the use of your air conditioning system to cool your operating environment. It will improve the performance of your data centre and reduce your energy bills significantly.

Optimizing the operational efficiency of your data centres can benefit your bottom line. By following these tips, you can ensure the accessibility of data stored in your system.

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