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50+ Games, Activities, Stories Now Available on Google Assistant

Google is hardly working on its assistant app, to make it more interactive with people. Google Assistant was adopted in all the recent devices by Google like Home, Home Mini, Pixel Phones and on many other supported phones. Assistant is the only way to communicate if you own a Google Home or Mini. So, in this case, apart from normal Google Assistant commands like Weather, music, search, calls, etc., – whats more interactive with it?

To answer your question, Google has rolled out more than 50+ Games, Activities, Stories on Google Assistant to make it fun with family and children. The new rollout is available to users starting from 24th October 2017 in U.S. with the Assistant on Google Home, other smart speakers, and eligible phones.

Family fun with your Google Assistant on Google Home and phones:

To Comment on the new update, Google published a post on its blog.

The new activities are rolling out today so you can go on a family adventure together. With their parent’s permission, children under 13 can also have their own personalized Google Assistant experience when they log in with their own account, powered by Family Link. Family Link helps parents manage their child’s Google Account while they explore. And with Voice Match, your family can train the Assistant to recognize who’s speaking, up to six voices.

So round up your family and say the magic words— “Ok Google, I want to do something fun” or “Ok Google, Abracadabra” —to unlock a world of fun!

– Google!

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