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7 Useful Tips in Leveraging Social Media to Promote Your Small Business in Montreal

Montreal is the capital city of Quebec Province in Canada, with a population of more than 1.7 million residents in 2016. It’s a hub of technology, finance, culture, commerce, industry, and global affairs. Its vibrant economy is ideal for small and medium businesses (SMB) to grow. With the help of a social media agency in Montreal, SMBs can compete against their bigger rivals.

If you’re a small business in the city, you may be confronting both opportunities and challenges in your operation. Your adoption of social platforms as a means to gain leverage is a strategic decision to make. According to experts, social media create a level playing field for both small and large companies.

How to Use Social Media to be Competitive in Business

Various studies showed that 42% of the global population or equivalent to 3.2 billion people used multiple social media platforms in 2019. In Quebec, the top networks used in 2018 include Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Here are the tips for leveraging social media to boost your bottom line:

  • Create a social media marketing plan – An excellent strategy can propel your business to unlimited growth. In devising your approach, you should hire the services of a reputable social media agency in Montreal to help you.
  • Know your target market and focus on it – Determine your potential customers and create a plan to attract them to your products or services. By targeting your specific audience, your chances of selling to them are higher.
  • Engage with your audience to build relationships – Engage with your audience to gain their trust and establish long-term engagements. An experienced social media company knows the strategies to connect with potential customers, so it’s advised to hire one.
  • Focus on quality content to promote on major channels – Create quality content and post them on channels frequented by your target market.
  • Use tools to monitor and asses your target market’s reaction – Leverage tools to improve your customer engagement. It will allow you to reach more audiences on the right channels.
  • Be active in social listening for your business – Monitor the social conversations about your business online and post a comment where appropriate. It allows you to build your reputation and respond to the queries and issues about your products and services.
  • Assess and improve your strategy if needed – Collaborate with your agency in evaluating the success of your campaign. Introduce necessary changes to your approach to better improve its effectiveness.

Various Advantages and Benefits of Social Media to Your Small Business

There are numerous benefits of social media to SMBs. It’s an affordable means to promote your company. Here are some of the ways social media can enhance your profitability:

  • It allows users to be aware of your company, as well as your products and services.
  • It widens the number of users to your website. These visitors can become new customers in the future.
  • It improves the satisfaction of your customers through proper engagement.
  • It enables you to know the pain points of your customers and trends in the market. It will allow you to strategize better.
  • It allows you to express your opinions and gain more followers.

Social media is a useful tool you should utilize to promote your business. For better results, you may hire the services of social media marketing professionals.

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