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Hi, Glad to Welcome you to TechToLead.com about us page, the purpose of this page is to bring the readers one-step closer to TechToLead.com. Hope after reading this page you will get to know more about this blog and me. After knowing about me and TechToLead you might like to join us on various social networking sites.

After a few years of search and many trials, I launched this blog https://www.techtolead.com. Why after many trails? I like “trial and error” method, because when you face yourself an error then you will find a solution for it. I blog by keeping the points in mind which I learned during the past years and I try to share almost all the things which I learned. This blog is for all bloggers, developers, beginners who love technology and it helps more, the beginners who need how-to guides on various platforms.

About Me: Ashok Udhayan

Welcome to my blog TechToLead and let me introduce myself here. I’m Ashok Udhayan – Founder and Editor in TechToLead.com. Technology is my passion.

I’m a computer science engineer by education. I completed my engineering in B.E [Computer Science] from a college in Tamilnadu, India at the year 2010.

As I said, technology is my passion and I love to learn new things every day. At 2006, I started working on the internet and later I love to make websites and did some. Then I worked with scripting languages, which makes me closer to blogging/websites. Also, I wrote many articles on popular knowledge base website and there I learned how to write. I started to follow many blogs and I daily used to check out those blogs to keep me updated with the recent happenings. During those days, I stuck in many places, due to lack of knowledge on the particular area. I search the internet on how to do the same. Later on, I thought that me people will be stuck with me in many situations. To help those people I started this blog and now here we are.

Get in touch me on Twitter: @ashokudhayan and Email: ashok[at]techtolead.com

About TechToLead Blog:

TechToLead.com launched in August 2013 and it focuses on how to guides and tips on various topics which includes software, gadgets, blogging, mobile, development, etc., TechToLead also provides the latest technology happening/information which includes new inventions, updates, innovations, etc.,

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