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Add Multiple Accounts in Outlook App for Android

Outlook.com Android applications was already available for android and you can download it for the play store for free of cost. Almost in all the mail apps you can add multiple accounts, similarly you can add multiple accounts in outlook for android, but it was not clearly visible, hence the new users are unable to locate it immediately. So i made this tutorial for the user who are all new to outlook app for android.

Before we start download and install the Outlook App for Android from Google Play Store.

How To Steps:
1. Open the outlook app in your android device.
2. From the Inbox, swipe the screen to right or tap on the back arrow near the Inbox header.
3. Now you can see your email id and its list of folders. Now tap on the drop-down arrow in the mail id field as shown in the screenshot.

4. Now from the drop-down you have an option to “Add account“. Tap on that and start adding the multiple accounts.


To delete any account from the app, go to “Settings” while you’re in a particular account you want to delete, then under Manage account, select “Remove“. This option will remove the account from the outlook app.

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