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Android OS Update 10: Out Now

When the release of the next version of Android was announced and launched in September of 2019, the update began its task of installing in all of the Android Pixel smartphones, including the original and its many offshoots, though up until May of 2020 there were still many Android phones that had not yet received this update.

Some of the reasons why this is the case are because some phones are too old to handle the update and will have to wait for the newest features until they are able to purchase one of the more recent generation phones. Mobile companies also need to figure out how to implement the update on all of the phones they carry, and even some older models that are still in stores and able to handle to update might take longer to receive them.

Accompanying the newest update is a slew of new features that are similar to those of iPhones yet still inherently suited to Android-preferred users.

Privacy features, in general, were a distinct focus during the creation of the update. Among these changes, users now have the option to more easily control which apps on their phones have access to their location. They can also control access to photos, videos, and documents, as well as manage how their various apps can access external storage locations that might be in the form of an SD card.

Other features that users can expect to experience with the Android 10 update are as follows:

System-Wide Dark Mode

Dark Theme is the system-wide dark mode that is now available for Android 10 users. Though it’s a bit limited right now in terms of the places it will work on your phone, Dark Theme can be activated a few different ways and is a great loophole for customers with older model phones who need a way to save battery power. In fact, one of the ways to activate this is by turning on Battery Saver mode. By shutting off pixels that are unused (aka pixels that would have been automatically black in the normal light mode), the display doesn’t need to utilize as many pixels and your battery can last longer.

Digital Wellbeing

For those of us who have a hard time getting yourself or your family members off the phone, Digital Wellbeing is a specially-designed tool that allows users to temporarily shut down certain apps that take up too much of their time. Part of this feature includes Family Link which allows you to use your parental controls to monitor and manage how much time your kids are spending on certain phone apps.

Multitasking Bubbles 

If you’ve used Facebook messenger before, then you’re probably already familiar with the chat bubbles the platform utilizes. The bubbles make it easy to converse with multiple people at once and then continue going about your other tasks in the background by keeping the conversations either on the screen or off with just a tap of the chat head.

If your smartphone hasn’t automatically updated to Android 10, get upgraded to enjoy these awesome new features! Just remember if you’re on a capped data plan or simply want to speed up your download, make sure you’re connected to your home internet before starting the download.

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