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Android Phone Finder From Google – Find Your Best SmartPhone

Google launched a tool to find your best android smart phone. The majority of the smartphones around the world is running on Android and every year lots of android smartphones are launched. Before buying a smart phone, it’s very hard to choose a model which is suitable for us. So Google launched a tool to find the best android smart phone, based on your usage and needs.

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You have to answer at least 3 or more quick questions from the 12 categories listed by Google and that’s it, based on your answers google will find the best smart phone for you. Google has made all the possible categories which include photos, music, social media, gaming, videos, fitness, talking, messaging, browsing, etc., and each category has sub-questions which make you filter the appropriate/selected phone for you.

I have tried this tool before writing this post and HTC One[M9], Nexus 6 and LG G4 are the top matched phones based on my usage. You can also start finding your best smartphone here.

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