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Astrum India Launches Smart Locks and Keys for your Home

Astrum India announced the launch of Smart Locks and Keys for your Home. The Locks will be connected through Bluetooth and it is compatible with Android and iOS. The company has launched three new models SK210 – Smart Key, Smart Security Lock – AL150 and AL100 in India. All these products are designed with top notch Bluetooth technology and have excellent battery life.

Rohit Agarwal, CEO of Astrum Electronics India Pvt Ltd commenting the new Smart Locks and Keys

“The concept of smart home technology has been tremendously popular with customers and continues to grow exponentially. We are excited to launch these Smart Security products loaded with smart technologies, military grade security, easy to access and unique set of features which ensures 100% safety to our customers. The new products are of great convenience for users who usually forget or keep losing their things here and there.”


Smart Security Locks: AL150 & AL100:

These smart locks are first of its kind in India with special Public Key Infrastructure technology, cryptographic key exchange protocol and manufactured with Zinc alloy material which ensures maximum level security. Both locks are compatible with Android & iOS and these locks can be controlled with a mobile app.

Smart Key: SK210:

Smart key is nothing but a tracker that helps in tracking your valuable things with an App. Just tag the smart key to your valuables and you it will be able to track the location of valuables via the app. The Bluetooth low energy used in this for a long battery life, allows ultra-low power consumption resulting in a battery backup of up to 6 months.

Price :

  • SK210 Smart Key will be available at Rs.1599
  • AL150 Smart Lock will be available at Rs.7990
  • AL100 Smart Lock will be available at Rs.6490

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