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Witti Design’s Beddi Charge Review

Beddi Charge is a modern alarm clock with USB charging ports and mood light from Witti Design. Witti Design is the makers of smart devices with intelligent alarm, mood light and more. They were launching a wide range of products in a short period of time. They have launched many products under BEDDI, NOTTI, DOTTI series. Among this products, Beddi Charge is one of the budget alarm clocks with mood light and USB charging ports.

Want to know more about the product? Do check out the picture roundup of the device here and the detailed review below.

Beddi Charge in Action

I have added Beddi Charge to my desk and using it for more than a month now and here is my detailed review about the product.

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Design & Package of Beddi Charge:

Beddi Charge is designed with compact size and less weight. The device is made of plastic and it comes in a mat black color.

On the front, we have the WITTI logo and digital LED display which displays the time and Alarm symbol if the alarm is set. The LED display comes with a fully dimmable clock face.

Beddi Charge Design
Beddi Charge Design

On the top, we have the controls for the device, which includes the buttons for mood light, alarm, time adjustment, snooze and dimmer light.

Beddi Charge Top

At the bottom of the device, we have the mood and night light which is capable 16 million colors.

On the back we have Witti logo, 3 USB ports which help to you charge your smartphones and other devices using a USB cable and a DC power input. In addition to this, we have a hole for alarm and a backup battery which helps to maintains your alarm in case of power outage alone.

Beddi Charge Back Design

Beddi Charge package is bundled with Beddi Charge device itself, 3A power adapter with international plugs and a Quick Start Guide.

Beddi Charge Box Contents
Box Contents

Technical Specifications of Beddi Charge:

Dimensions: H 60 x W 165 x D 51 mm
Weight: 183g
USB Charge Ports: 3 ports (3A total)
Power Input: AC Adaptor DC=5V 3A
Charging Input: Micro USB
Battery: Backup Battery

My Usage and Performance Results:

I have been using this device on my computer desk for more than a month now and it fits under my desktop monitor perfectly. Apart from the desktop table, I sometimes use this device near my bed with mood/night light and alarm features. The device fits on any table or surfaces with its compact size. The time will display in the digital format and it will show ‘PM’ near the time and Alarm symbol if you set any alarm. The time display is a single RED color which is suitable for all lighting conditions. You can also dim the display during night times if you feel brighter.

You can set alarm and it has the single tone for the alarm which sounds like a buzzer alarm. The sound will gradually increase and will be louder. I felt if more alarm tones or some rhythmic music to be as my alarm clock. Hence the alarm sound is the only disadvantage which I felt in the device. But still many people love this usual buzzer alarm tone and when considering the price we can compromise. But still you are one of them like me, then you can prefer the other devices from WITTI design which will cost little higher. Also, the backup battery provided to the alarm, in a case of the power outage is an advantage, so you don’t have to worry about the alarm at any situation.

The mood light is capable of 16 million colors and it gives nice effect during night times. One of the important features is the 3 USB ports available on the back side of the device. Instead of plugging 3 different chargers for 3 devices in different places, you can charge all your devices from a single place and that too very near with the Beddi Charge. You can charge your mobiles and other devices from the bedside tables or desks. I used to charge my mobiles and smartwatch near my bed using this device.

With this device, my bedroom makes a moody light effect at the night and makes a perfectly good night sleep. With the bright red time display, there is no need to search for the watch at night times.

Beddi Charge with Mood Light
Beddi Charge with Mood Light

Beddi Charge with Mood Light 2
Beddi Charge with Mood Light


  • Size and Design Quality
  • LED Display
  • Alarm
  • 3 USB ports
  • 16 Million Colors Mood light
  • Dimmable feature for time
  • Simple Controls for time and alarm adjustments
  • Backup Battery for alarm in case of power outage


  • One tone for the alarm

Final Verdict:

Beddi Charge is one of the budget, modern alarm clock with USB charging ports and mood light. The device is priced at $29.99 and you can buy it from Witti official website or from Amazon if you like it.

Do share your experiences, doubts about the device in the comments section.

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