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Benefits of mobile CMMS that cannot be overlooked

Considering a computerized maintenance management system with the latest features and benefits can definitely be exciting for your business or company. But, believe me, a mobile CMMS can open up infinite advanced possibilities for your organization to take your maintenance management to the next level. It is not just about the mobility but it offers a lot of benefits that cannot be overlooked by the facility managers and mechanics as well. Have a look at how it can transform the way you perform maintenance for your business equipment and assets.

Increased accuracy

Accuracy is one of the vital elements when it comes to complete a maintenance work order or job efficiently. Without having a mobile integrated maintenance management solution facility manager may need to visit the desk for getting vital asset details and information to perform the maintenance accordingly. It can cause a distraction during the work and can also cause inaccuracy. On another hand, a maintenance management solution integrated with mobile technology can provide facility managers and technicians with necessary details and information at their fingertips in real time to maintain accuracy and to increase productivity as well.

Ease of communication

A mobile cmms system can be a great idea to make communication between maintenance staff and managers easier and effective. There will be no need to make calls or visits to interrelate regarding maintenance related issues or asset details if they can access the maintenance management software on their mobile devices. They can also collaborate virtually via mobile cmms to improve maintenance management like a pro. In this way, facility managers and staff can also lessen the confusion and forgotten important instructions while performing different maintenance jobs.

Enhanced productivity of maintenance staff

When maintenance staff is able to open and close work orders instantly by their own and instant access to the parts inventory and asset information on their own mobile devices, they can provide their 100 % at work to accomplish the assigned tasks within the given timeframe. With instant access to the asset details and inventory, they can make a prolific decision at the time to enhance their productivity.

Support a paperless working environment

Computerized maintenance management system is something excellent that covers all maintenance management related aspects such as asset details, work orders, parts inventory and maintenance schedules etc in the form of digital files. Which means there is no more need to take prints on papers and it can be the best step towards the paperless working environment. It allows a business to cut business overheads down in terms of business stationery and ink etc. required data and information can easily be found within moments when files and details are stored in the mobile CMMS solution.

Upload & Transmit Images

Whether it is RCM maintenance or corrective maintenance, technicians can immediately capture photos of under maintenance business assets and upload to the computerized maintenance management system in real time to make communication effective and easier by using their smartphones. In this way, they can communicate the current condition of an equipment or asset with higher authorities to plan to repair strategies accordingly. In other words, mobile cmms can allow an organization to make timely repairs by uploading and transmitting the right images.


Mobility is one of the great benefits of mobile cmms that cannot be overlooked. Maintenance staff now can take maintenance management solution to anywhere without facing the issues of time and location. In this way, they can get access to the asset details and other required details everywhere they may need such as in the business premises, in field or while on the go. Latest maintenance management solutions are now accessible from several devices like desktop, tablet PCs and smartphone Etc. That makes portability easier.

Real-time access to data

By having maintenance management solution installed in their mobile devices, employees can access required details or information in real time to streamline maintenance operations greatly without wasting time and energy. They can keep an eye on assets’ history, open and closed work orders, parts inventory and monthly reports to make productive decisions. Quick access to maintenance data can help facility managers and staff to plan and execute appropriate maintenance strategies to keep business assets in good functional condition.

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