Facebook has recently launched 360-degree photos feature to its user, after the success of 360-degree videos. With this feature, you can post any panorama photos or the 360-degree posts to your timeline and also you can view them in FaceBook. Once the photo is uploaded, Facebook will convert it to a 360-degree photo that people can explore, similar to how people experience 360-degree videos on Facebook. We can take panorama shots easily as it was preloaded in 99% of all the android smartphones.

But how to take 360 degree photos and upload to FaceBook? Is there any trick to take 360-degree photos? Any additional device or software required to take the 360-degree photos?

Here is the solution for all your questions!! Yes, the below simple steps will guide you to capture 360-degree photos from any android phone and post it to your FaceBook timeline. Without any further delay lets get started.

How To Capture and Post 360° Image to Facebook from Any Android Phone


1. An Android Phone running on Android 4.4 or upper versions.
2. CardBoard Camera App – Download it from PlayStore.
3. FaceBook App – Download it from PlayStore.

How To Steps:

Step 1: Open the CardBoard Camera App on your Android phone and then click on the Camera icon at the bottom right corner.

Step 2: Now Camera will open, tap on the record button and then slowly rotate your camera around. One complete circle makes a better 360-degree photo.

The arrow mark on the camera will show the progress. Once completed, the app will take a while to process the photo. Once completed, the photo will be stored in the device and it can be viewed in Gallery.

How To Post 360° Image to Facebook from Any Android Phone (1)

Step 3: Open the FaceBook App and choose Photos Upload option like you do for normal photos. Choose the 360-degree photo you captured, also compass icon will be available on the right-hand side of the photo. Now Upload the photo. That’s it.

How To Post 360° Image to Facebook from Any Android Phone (2)

The 360-degree photo is now uploaded to your timeline. Enjoy posting 360-degree photos on your timeline.

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