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Challenges Faced When Going Live From Smartphones

Live streaming videos are now famous and many social media platforms provide an easy way to go live from everywhere, anytime. We have many social media apps with the live feature which allow us to go live while on the go from our smartphones. Some of the popular social media platforms like YouTube, Periscope, Instagram, Facebook and many other made live videos easy to everyone. But even though we have an easy way to go live, in India we are facing many problems and Challenges while doing live videos from our smartphones. Hence, I would like to write about few of the problems and Challenges that many of us facing when going live from our smartphones.

Hence, I would like to write about few of the problems and Challenges that is being faced when going live from smartphones.

Challenges Faced When Going Live From Smartphones:

Network Connectivity:

The first and foremost issue is the unstability in the mobile networks as we use mobile data for the maximum time when we go live from smartphones. Even though all the major service providers started to offer 4G at an affordable prices, the network stability is still not consistent in many of the places. To go depth, apart from the major cities, many smaller towns and villages are still with poor network connectivity and many cities have not had 4G network capability in India. Due to which we can’t deliver a complete live video from any place and with a quality.

Background Noise & Voice Clarity:

When we go live from smartphones, we will start the live videos from where we are and most of the times in the outdoor. So, we can’t reduce the outdoor noise and unexpected sounds while doing the live videos. Even we have to speak louder, so that the voice will be clear to the audience. If you are doing the live from a silent place, still few issues like echo, voice delay due to network quality may happen sometimes.


Most of the time, when we do live videos, we will use the front facing camera from the smartphones. Most of the smartphones have lesser quality front facing camera, then its rear camera. So, by default, the video quality will not be good as rear camera. Also it is difficult to go live with the front facing camera in the night times, as 90% of the smartphones not having the flash for the front cameras.

Video Quality:

As I said early, we can’t deliver high quality videos to the viewers, the quality of the video will keep on changing according to the data speed delivered in the smartphones. The video quality depends on various factors like data speed, camera, video optimization from the platforms that provide the live video facilities, the viewer’s data speed, etc.,

However you can maintain a decent video quality by keeping the camera still and avoiding jerky movements, this can be done with the help of tripods and monopod stands. You can find them and several other Smartphone accessories for capturing beautiful and high-quality videos on OZCodes at discounted rates.

Chance of Miss Viewer Questions and Comments:

While doing live, many viewers will comment/ask questions to us. In smartphone, it is very difficult to read and answer all the comments and questions due to the timing and also the screen size.

There are still lot more problems faced by the live video makers. Please do comment your problems and Challenges while doing live videos from our smartphones.

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