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Complete Guide To Android Wear Developer Preview

As i said in my previous post. Last week, Google announced Android Wear which is the platform to bring the android experience in wearable gadgets. The user experience is designed specifically for wearables. Also Google announced the developer preview of the Android wear operating system, so the developers can begin starting with their custom apps in android wear. Developers can download the preview and experience the feel of wear using the android wear emulator.

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Android Wear Developer preview is the initial version, before the official release of Android Wear SDK. Later this year, Google will be launching the official Android Wear SDK. Now the developers can start developing the apps for Android Wear using the developer preview. Lets see how to get Android Wear Developer Preview and get started with it.

Keep in Mind :

As of now Android Wear Developer Preview is intended for development and testing purposes only, not for production apps.
Google may change this Developer Preview significantly prior to the official release of the Android Wear SDK.

How To Get Android Developer Preview:

1. Navigate to the Android Wear Developer Website and Click on the “Sign Up for the Developer Preview”.

Complete Guide To Android Wear Developer Preview (1)

2. Now go through the terms and fill the details requested by Google and accept the Terms and Conditions and Click Submit.

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3. Once you submit, you will get the message like in the below screenshot. Maximum time Google required is 24 hours to add you to the developer preview. But i got my approved mail from Google within 10 minutes after sign up.

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4. Once you are approved to Android Wear Developer preview, you will receive mail with two links.
a. one to opt-in to the Android Wear Preview app on the Google Play Store
b. To download the Android Wear Preview Support library and samples.

5. Download and Start using Android Wear Developer Preview

Before You Start:

Before you start to set up Android Developer Preview, make sure that you have installed Android SDK which includes all the developer tools required to build apps for Android. If not Download and install it first.

What we can do with Android Wear Developer Preview:

  • Run the Android Wear platform in the Android emulator to check the live preview.
  • Connect your Android device to the emulator and view notifications from the device as cards on Android Wear.
  • Try new APIs in the preview support library that enhance your app’s notifications with features such as voice replies and notification pages.

How To :

Checkout the Video about Android Wear Developer Preview :


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