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Cosmos Browser – Surf Web Without a Data Connection

Surfing without a data connection? How the internet contents will delivered without a data connection? Is it possible to browser without data connection? After reading the post title, these are the questions will raise in your mind. Is it true to browser without a data connection? Yes it is now possible with Cosmos Browser.

Cosmos is a mobile browser which comes with a new concept of browsing called browsing via SMS. As this browser use SMS, hence you don’t need any data or WiFi connection for browsing. Exciting to see the how it works and its feature? In this post i have covered a detailed information about this browser. Before getting started about the app, I’m sure that this app will make an revolution in mobile browsing. Nowadays the data plan rates all over the world is costlier. So this browser works via SMS, hence it surely reach global audience very shortly.

cosmos browser

About :

Cosmos Browser project was powered by Twilio Cloud Communications, which provides API’s for Voice, VOIP and Text Messaging services. Cosmos browser makes a new concept in browsing experience and it is BETA stage and its developers are working on a stable version. As of now this browser was in development for Android and FireFox mobile operating system. The developers are planning for the stable release of the app shortly. To receive updates about the  browser subscribe in its official website.

How It Works :

Whenever you enter a website in this browser, it sends a SMS request to cosmos NODE.JS backend [highlight type=”yellow”] >> [/highlight] then it will find the HTML source of the website and sends a collection of website details in a GZIP compressed package to the phone by encoding it in Base64 via series of SMSes [highlight type=”yellow”] >> [/highlight] now the cosmos browser will decompress package and display the contents in the browser. You will not get the pictures in the website and the webpage will not aligned correctly as you look in the web, but you will get the essential details from the website.

Developer Notes:

If you’re a developer, browse the details on the how the browser was designed and its periodic updates on its GitHub page.

Download/Availability :

Today morning this application was made available in Google Play Store  for Android Users, but with in few hours the app was withdraw temporarily due to high volume of SMS received on their servers. They reported in their Facebook post, that they will get back soon with the browser available to all smart phone users.

Watch this space for updates on the availability of Cosmos Browser.

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