Zoho Mail is one of the leading mail service provider and this company is one of the tough competitor to Google and Microsoft. Zoho Mail has a maximum number of business users and custom domain users. Zoho Mail also offers a personalized free mail service like google and yahoo. You can create your free account in Zoho and start using it now.

How To Steps:

1. Navigate to Zoho Mail and Click on Get Started Link.

How To Create Personal Mail Account in Zoho (1)

2. Here under the plan details, you have a link for Free Personal Account. Click Sign Up.

3. Now Enter the details for your Zoho mail address and click Sign Up.

How To Create Personal Mail Account in Zoho (2)

4. That’s all you will be directly taken to your mailbox.

5. You can login to your mail from Zoho Mail Login Page.

How To Create Personal Mail Account in Zoho (3)

You can also configure your zoho mail on devices using POP3 & IMAP settings. To enable this feature Goto -> Settings and Enable “POP3″ and IMAP” settings and check settings for Zoho Mail POP3 & IMAP.

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