Twitter is one of the popular social media and greatest tool to promote website and blog contents to huge number of followers. Twitter is easy to interact with people’s and you can deliver your thoughts within 140 characters. Twitter is offering widgets with many options, so that the users can create widget for their accounts and embed the widget on their websites and blogs. By embedding the widgets the visitors can directly follow you from the widget and reply, read your tweets, etc., You can also customize the look and feel your twitter widget. It will take only 2 minutes to create a twitter widget for your twitter profile. Lets see the how to steps.

How To Steps:

1. Login to your twitter profile and then click on “Settings” [Gear Icon].
2. In the settings page, click on “Widgets” under the left side bar.
3. Now in the widgets page, click “Create New” button. You will be navigated to the widget creation page.
4. Now Configure your twitter widget, according to your needs. The basic widget is “User timeline” widget which display the tweets from a user. Apart from this you can also have many other widget like favourites, list, search, collections. You can also see the live preview of your widget.
5. Once you configured your widget, click on “Create Widget” button. Within seconds your widget will be created and the embed code will be available below the widget preview.
6. Copy and paste the code in your website or blog.