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Divoom Timebox – Review

We have seen many Bluetooth speakers in the past few years, but can you imagine a Bluetooth speaker with built-in FM receiver, smart alarm, LED pixel art display, temperature sensor, AUX out and more? All of these features are embedded into a single device and it is none other than the Divoom Timebox. Divoom is one of the most reputable speaker brands in the world. Timebox is the successor of their AuraBox LED Bluetooth speaker. The Timebox has all the features of AuraBox and there are new features like FM receiver, AUX ports and more were added to this device.

I have been using the Divoom Timebox for almost 2 weeks now and here is the detailed review about the device.


Design, Color:

Divoom Timebox is designed with LED pixel light on the front and full range speaker on the back and it is a 3-inch square device. On the front, we have high quality 121 full RGB LED lights, which is the most attractive feature of the device. The lights are placed in a gem-style way and it looks neat moreover attractive.

On the back side of the device, we have the speaker which is covered by the anti-dust metal grill. Also, we have AUX in and out ports, charging port and charging indicator. Bottom we have a two rubber finish pads which hold the device stable in all many surfaces and during full volume.

All the control buttons are placed on the top of the device. Power, Play, Previous/Next, Volume Up and Down, FM / Bluetooth Switch, Snooze and Lighting buttons are available, which help you to control the device completely. The complete housing of the device has Matte UV coat, which gives a premium quality to the device.

Timebox is available in wide range of colors like blue, black, white, hot pink, ivory wood, red and more.

Divoom TimeBox App:

Divoom Timebox can be used without any applications, but to experience the complete features of the device, you have to install the official Timebox app on your smartphone. The application is available for both Android and iOS. Once installed, you can connect your timebox device with your phone via Bluetooth and you can take control of all the features. Plenty of the features available on this app like time, temperature, smart alarm, music player, FM, animations, dancing beats, light display, etc.,


Features of Timebox:

LED Pixel Lights: As said, timebox has 121 full RGB lights and they can deliver up to thousands of vivid colors. The 121 RGB LED provides the same luminosity as a 3W night lamp and you can also adjust the brightness of the colors.


Time: The device can display the time and it acts as a simple timepiece on your desk when not in use.


Temperature Sensor: The device has a built-in temperature sensor, which checks the surrounding temperature and able to display on the screen.


Pixel Art: One of the notable features of the device is pixel art. Yes, you can display over a wide range of pixel arts available in the app on your device. Also, you can able to create your own pixel art/animations and play on the device immediately. You can also able to save your pixel arts for feature use.


Easy Control: You can control [on/off] the display of the device with a clap and change the brightness of the color on the device by shaking the mobile phone.


Visual and EQ Effects: Timebox has a built-in visual and EQ effects, where you choose any of the animations and play.

Bluetooth 4.0: Timebox comes with a Bluetooth smart 4.0 technology which is very stable and consistent.

Built-in Microphone: This built-in microphone helps to do a handsfree calling and also allow you to record a voice message.

Voice messages: You can record a voice message by holding the snooze button and it will playback when turns on.

Smart Alarm: You can set up an alarm on this device, which has 12 built-in animated wake up alarms as well as the option to play music or FM radio. When the alarm goes off, TimeBox’s smart alarm gradually increase both LED brightness and alarm volume.

Sleep Aid: 22 sleep aid soundtracks and light waves are preloaded which can affect the alpha waves and help you to relax and fall asleep.

Notifications: This device can able to display notifications for many applications especially for the social media apps.

Games: Few mini pixel games are preloaded to make fun and more games will be available in the upcoming days.


FM tuner: You can enjoy your favorite local radio stations on this device.

Music Player: The app has the music player, which allows you to play music from your phone.

Speaker: The device has a 3-inch full range speaker with the passive radiator and is covered by an anti-dust metal grill. The device is fine-tuned with latest DSP(Digital Sound Processing) technology and it delivers a great sound.

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions – 114L x 115.8H x 55W mm
  • Playback Time – up to 6 hours
  • Weight – 383g
  • Battery Capacity – 2000mAh
  • Driver size – 3-inch full range
  • Charge time – 3-4hours
  • Output power – 5W
  • Battery Voltage – 3.7V
  • Frequency Response – 60-20000Hz
  • Charging – Via USB cable, 5V -1A
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio – ≥75 dB
  • Wireless range – Up to 10 meters
  • Bluetooth compliant – Bluetooth V4.0 smart

Usage & Performance:

I have been using the Divoom Timebox for almost 2 weeks now and the overall performance is outstanding. The LED lights are more attractive and the sound quality is really good. The Bluetooth connectivity is stable up to 10 meters without any walls or breaks and stable up to 7 to 8 meters with walls and breaks. Once charged the battery stands up to 8 to 9 hours with music playback and dancing beats animations, the battery stands up to 12 to 15 hours with only music playback. It took around 180 to 200 mins to charge completely.

You can spend more time with Timebox by playing games, pixel arts, animations apart from music playback and LED lights. The light brightness adjustment feature is one of the notable feature, where we can reduce the brightness during the night times. While sleeping, you can turn off the display, the device will be ON so that there is no worry about your alarm and other stuff. If you are little away from the device, then you can use clap sound to turn ON and OFF display of the device. The call quality is good, but the microphone audio is little low, but still you can make good conversations. You can also connect the device with AUX IN and OUT ports to connect with other devices. When not in use, it will act as a desk time piece and a temperature sensor.

Overall I can say that the performance of Divoom Timebox is more than expected.

How I Use the Divoom Timebox:

From the day one, I liked this device very much and placed it as a permanent gadget in my desk. I used to play music whenever I work and the rest of the time it acts a digital time device. During the night I use it as a night lamp by reducing the brightness of the lights and also I used to set alarms by playing my favorite musics. Whenever I’m bored, I used to play with the device by creating new pixel arts and displaying it. It becomes my day to day companion.


Box Contents:

Divoom Timebox comes in a well-protected box. Inside the box, you have the timebox itself, user manual, micro USB cable and 3.5 mm audio AUX cable


Divoom Timebox is one of the best bedtime companions with a lot of built-in features like music playback, LED lights, FM radio, timer, alarm, games and more.
For the same cost of a normal Bluetooth speaker which only capable of playing music, you can get Divoom multi-functional bluetooth speaker. If you are planning to buy the device then you can get your device from Amazon here. Please note that this device is available globally. Do visit Divoom’s official website for more information.

Please feel free to share your experience, ask your doubts about this device via comments.


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