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Download Copy of Website using HTTrack

Is it possible to download a copy of website? Can i download the entire website for offline read? Many times these questions arise in your mind. Did you found any solution for it? If not, no worries, this tutorial have a solution for the above questions. Using a software called HTTrack you can download the copy of a website for your offline read.

Disclaimer :

  • Use it for educational purpose only.
  • Don’t copy and use any blog/websites content.
  • Don’t replicate anyone ideas.


What is HTTrack?
HTTrack is a free software comes with GPL License. This software allows you to a download a copy/entire website to your local drive for offline use. It allows gives you a look-alike browsing experience of a website in offline. HTTrack is fully configurable, and has an integrated help system. HTTrack is available for Windows,Linux and Android operating system. You can also download data from multiple URL’s simultaneously.

How To Download Copy of Website using HTTrack for offline Read :

1. Download the HTTrack software for your operating system, it may be Windows, Linux or Android.
2. Install the software and launch it.
3. In the first page press “Next” button to start a new project.
4. Now Specify the “Project Name” and “Path” were to save the website data locally and select “Next
5. In “Web Addressess(URL)” box, enter the URL of the website you want to download.
Say for example : http://demos.techtolead.in and click “Next
6. Now Select the Internet provider from the drop down and Click “Finish
7. Now HTTrack will start downloading the website content.
8. Once completed, navigate to the folder you specified and open the “index” page to start accessing the website.

Checkout Video Tutorial:

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