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How To Enable AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) On Your WordPress Blog

AMPAccelerated Mobile Pages is an open-source initiative to make the mobile web as fast as possible. Just imagine if a web page on your mobile loads within 3-4 seconds. Yeah, AMP project is made to deliver the content quickly for mobile users across the world. Last October, Google joined with others in AMP project and within four months, now they have started to deliver web pages on mobile 4 times faster than an ordinary page load.

Accelerated Mobile Pages by Google is more similar to Facebook’s Instant Articles program. Both programs are made to deliver the content within few seconds to mobile users. Google had announced officially about the AMP version for mobile users on their blog yesterday [24-Feb-2016] stating “AMPing on Mobile Search”. Whereas Facebook’s Instant Articles program is going to be made available from their developers Conference going to commence in April 2016.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s tweet about AMP:

As per Google, they had started showing AMP optimized web pages to mobile users. Whenever you search for a keyword or topic, the AMP optimized pages will be shown in Top Stories Section based on the suggestions.

Now all the publishers have to optimize their website/blog to get more visitors as your pages will be available in Top Stories only if it is optimized for AMP. AMP will mainly focus on your content and the content will be delivered using a minimalistic layout. Let’s see how to enable AMP WordPress self-hosted blogs.

Enable Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) On Your Blog:

After the announcement of AMP project, WordPress team supports AMP and they started working on implementing the same feature on their blogs. They have announced the official plugin called AMP which can optimize your pages.

Once you have installed and activated the plugin on your WordPress blog, then all the posts in your blog will get AMP-compatible versions. As of now the plugin will optimize only posts and not pages. You can also view the AMP version of your blog post by appending /amp/ at the end of your blog post-URLs.

AMP is enabled on this blog and you can access the AMP version by appending /amp/ on any URL from this blog.

Default Blog Post URL:


AMP Version URL:


After optimizing the URL, the performance of the blog post will be increased. I mean the page speed will be increased.

Check out the ScreenShots on mobile with and without AMP:

AMP on WordPress BlogAs of now the optimized pages will deliver only the content and its images. No ads, comments or any other plugins will be made available. But soon we can expect ads on AMP optimized URL’s. But if you want to make your blog rank better on Google, please enable AMP on your blog, because the site speed will be the best ranking factor on Google.

Please feel free to ask your questions/doubts on implementing AMP on your WordPress blog via comments.

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