Developer options in Android allow you to do various activities. For each manual action with Android OS will be done with developer options. If you are planning to install a custom ROM, flashing a device or root the device, you have to enable developer actions. USB debugging mode is also available under Developer Options. By default, it will be made hidden from all users. To enable you have follow the simple steps.

How To Enable Developer Options:

Enabling Developer Option is similar in all android devices.

1. Go to “Settings”
2. Now tap “About Phone”
3. Search for “Build Number” and tap on it continuously for 7 times. After two taps, you will be notified that after 5 more taps you will be a developer. Continue and tap for 7 times and you will be popped up as “You are now a developer”
4. Now “Developer Option” menu will be added in the “Settings” Page.

developer options in android

Build Number can be found under “About Phone” menu. In many devices, it will be available under the sub menu “Device Information”, “Software information”, “More”, etc.,

To disable the developer option, Just navigate to Developer Options and Swipe the button to off.