Google is gradually rolling out Material Design for all its applications across all platforms. YouTube, one of the google product is soon getting its official Material Design Layout. Below are the changes I have noticed in the Material Design Layout on YouTube.

  • Search Bar is moved to the center of the page.
  • Upload button has been replaced with a UP arrow as you see on Google’s mobile apps.
  • Menu button was replaced with the native material design menu icon as you see in Google’s mobile apps.
  • The background color of the YouTube page is matching with the dominant color of the page’s header image.
  • Also, Youtube pages got a Revised circular logo.
  • Overall the layout is very minimalistic.

Before the official launch, you can experience how material design layout on youtube looks like. It can be done with a simple tweak on your browser. As of now this trick is working only on Google Chrome Browser. Before we go checkout the below sample of how material design looks on our page.

How To Enable Material Design Layout on YouTube (1)

How To Steps:

Step 1: Go to [add ?gl=US to visit the US version of the site]

Step 2: Open Developer Tools in your chrome browser – Shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + i)

Step 3: Now go to the Resources tab and delete the VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE cookie for YouTube.

How To Enable Material Design Layout on YouTube (1)

Step 4: Now go to the Console tab and add the VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE cookie using the below command:


and hit Enter and close the Developer Tools Window.

How To Enable Material Design Layout on YouTube (2)

Now reload the page and you will see the youtube page with material design.

Make sure you are logged out of your google account. If you are logged in, just logged out, the page will revert to the material design layout.

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