Google Chrome has the sync option so it always helps and make our works easy when installing it in the new system or while re-installing on an existing computer. But most of the peoples don’t use the sync option due to many reasons. If you are one of the them, then you may worry that you lost all the bookmarks saved in Google Chrome at the time of re-install/un-install. So now you need to export your chrome bookmarks to HTML and keep it handy in your folders. So that you can import the HTML file which contains the bookmarks whenever needed. Lets see how to exports the bookmarks to html in chrome.

How To Steps:
1. Open Google Chrome and navigate to the tools menu at the top right near to the address bar.
2. Now go to “Bookmarks” and then to “Bookmark Manager”.

3. Now tap on the “Organize” and from the drop down select “Export bookmarks to HTML file”.

4. Now select the location to save the file. Export Done.

Now you can use this file to retrieve back the bookmarks to the newly installed chrome.

  • Judy Johnson

    Thanks for the post!
    Also, you could simply automate the export process with Backupery for Chrome bookmarks. It seems it does the same, just regularly and automatically.