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Facebook Instant Articles Opens Up for All Publishers – Complete Guide

Facebook has officially announced the availability of Facebook Instant Articles. As per the announcement by Josh Roberts, Product Manager at Facebook, Instant Articles will be available to all the publishers worldwide starting from April 12th, 2016. They are going to announce this program to all, during their F8 conference which is going to be held on April 2016.

What is Facebook Instant Articles?

Instant Articles is a new way for publishers to create fast, interactive articles on Facebook. The main motto of this program is to offer Facebook users a very easy, light weight, fast news on their timelines. This program will load the articles in a faster way. The user can experience millions and millions of articles shared on Facebook on a daily basis through the Instant Articles feature going to be available on Facebook for Android and iPhone.

Facebook claims that instant articles will be 10 times faster than the normal mobile browsing. But also providing the kind of fluid, high-quality experience. The articles will be optimized with HTML5, rich storytelling capabilities, branded design and customized the visual display for fast mobile performance.

Facebook Instant Articles
Facebook Instant Articles

Last year, Facebook announced the start of Instant articles program and initially they have onboard 9 publishers, later they have expanded the publishers count to 350 in December 2015. Now they are going to make this available to all publishers from April 12th, 2016. Until that with the limited number of publishers, they are going to work more on enhancements and improvements based on the feedback.

Instant Articles comes with New Creative Tool, which allows the publishers to make their stories interactive with high-resolution photos, auto-play videos, interactive maps and audio captions.

On April 12th at Facebook’s F8 conference, we will open up the Instant Articles program to all publishers—of any size, anywhere in the world.

Publisher’s Benefit:

When comes to Publishers, Facebook Instant articles have many benefits. Let me list out the benefits one by one.

  • It allows the publishers to take a full control over the articles they share on Facebook.
  • It allows publishers to keep track of their articles, reader interaction on your articles through Facebook or with other third-party analytics services.
  • Instant Articles are published when stories are pushed to the publisher’s website and apps. Updates and corrections are also automatically captured so that breaking news remains up to date.
  • Integrate with Existing Content Management Systems – You can easily publish your articles from the existing CMS through RSS feed with HTML5 markup.
  • Publishers can keep hold of their brand, by a customizing article with style.
  • Any kind of article from daily news to long-form features publish.

Ads :

Every Publisher including myself, have a question about Ads, because ads are the best revenue source for us. Happy news 🙂 for all of us, that we can take full control of the article we publish on facebook which includes the data and ads for the articles. According to Facebook, ads in instant articles with load quickly and fit seamlessly. Publishers can choose their best monetization option.

Publishers can also directly sell and serve their own display ads and keep 100% of that revenue.

So your content will be shared across all the facebook users around the world and without any revenue loss :).

How to Publish Instant Articles on Facebook:

Publishing articles for Instant Articles has the following steps

1. Access Instant Articles Tools
2. Claim your URL
3. Download the Facebook Pages App
4. Create a Style Template
5. Experiment with Example Articles
6. Build an RSS Feed for Instant Articles
7. Connect the RSS Feed to your Facebook Page
8. Set up Ads and Analytics
9. Confirm your Articles Follow Instant Articles Policies and Meet our Guidelines
10. Submit 50 Articles for Review by Facebook
11. Begin Publishing!

Final Thoughts:

Facebook Instant Articles will make publishers reach audience worldwide through facebook. My advice to publishers > please make use of this nice program. Bloggers/Publishers get ready to reach a huge audience worldwide. However, let’s see how it is going to be a success.

Do let me know your doubts on Facebook Instant Articles through comments. Please share this article with your friends.

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