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Life-Changing Facebook Hacks That Can Make Your Social Life Easier

What would you think of a person who says that he doesn’t use Facebook only because of limited privacy options? Most probably, you would think he does not know much about facebook functionalities especially when you have been one of the millions FB users since long, and think you know all about the options to maintain privacy on your account. However, there might still be something deep inside your heart that makes you feel that your account isn’t as private, secured and customized as you want. So what would you do now?

Would You Rather Quit Using FB?
Of Course, You Wouldn’t!
Then, Would You Sacrifice Your Privacy?
Obviously Not!

So before being confused about the privacy settings, let us highlight some amazing Facebook hacks which you ought to know so as to enjoy safer FB experience!


1: Review Tagged Posts

You may have been scared of your friends from being tagged in their weird posts, ridiculous statuses, or some of your weird pictures, taken in some gatherings etc., which they have been using as a trump card against you! Ever wondered you can actually get rid of this nuisance? With the amazing review option appearing under “Timeline and Tagging” section of your settings, you can actually control what type of tagged posts should appear on your timeline. Just allow selected posts and remove the others. Now there is no need to be scared of being tagged in some post unknowingly. Enjoy a clean timeline!

2: Facebook Call

Calling a friend was never so easier. With the recently launched calling option by Facebook, you can actually have audio/video chats with others without any fear of paying call charges! Forget about the chaos of saving numbers, and paying calling rates; just type in the name of your friend, click call, and enjoy free calls (since it connected over your WiFi).

3: The Handy ‘Unfollow’ Option

Tired of seeing a mess of random posts on your newsfeed? (Of course, you cannot just unfriend someone if he/she posts too much). Now you can select those whose posts you want to see, and who to ignore. Just go to your friend’s timeline, click on the “Following” button appearing under his/her cover photo, and click on the “unfollow” option. This person’s posts will no longer appear in your newsfeed, though you still have complete access to your friend’s posts.

4: Customize Your Chat List

One of the most amazing features that Facebook offers is the control that who can see you online for chatting, and who cannot. Now you do not need to think about excuses if you don’t want to chat with someone; just go to your chat settings, select “turn off chat for only some friends…”, and type in the name of all those to whom you want to stay invisible on chat.

5: Make that “Seen” Option “Unseen”

“You did see my message but you didn’t reply”, “I know you have seen my post, please reply me”… and many such complaints are commonly faced by Facebook users, owing to its read receipt option in messages. If you are also annoyed by such complaints, then here is an end to your frustration. Though Facebook doesn’t offer any such option itself, a third party application ‘Unseen’ will do this for you.

6: Secure Your ‘DP’

Are you tired of those who download others’ profile pictures without their consents? You can now hide your profile picture from such intruders by choosing who are allowed to view your ‘dp’ and who are not! This option is truly a great blessing especially for girls who are often targeted by malicious minded FB users.

7: Logout Your Account From Other Devices Remotely

No need to worry if you logged into your FB account from your friend’s place and forgot to sign out! Facebook offers its users the ease to control their accounts remotely. If the above situation has happened to you as well, then relax; you now can log out your account from all other devices by going through your security settings and click on “end activity” appearing under “When you are logged in” option. This allows seeing all devices from where your account is signed in, and then you can sign out from these devices by clicking on ‘end activity’!

8: Two-Step Verification Process

The best way to secure your FB account from being hacked by others is to enable the two-step verification process. Whenever, your account is logged in from some unknown browser, you will receive an SMS on your cellphone, containing verification code for your account. You cannot proceed to login unless you enter the verification code from your side.

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