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How To Find The List Of Inactive Apps On Android Device

If you are app lover and interested in exploring each and every trending app that was launched, then you must have ended up with many apps installed on your Android device. But after installing the apps, a few days later you might not use all the apps you have installed on your phone. This might cause low memory/space issues and also lack of device performance. In this situation, it is hard to find out the inactive apps easily and uninstall them. Here is a quick solution to find the list of Inactive Apps on Android device.

How To Find The List Of Inactive Apps On Android Device:

Step 1: First, Enable the Developer Options on Your Android smartphone. Check out the steps here.

Step 2: Now Go to Settings > Developer options and then navigate to Apps sections.

Step 3: Under Apps section, you’ll find an option called Inactive Apps. Tap on that option.

Step 4: The Inactive Apps page will list you all the apps with Active and Inactive status based on your usage. You can also tap on the apps to make them Inactive or Active manually as well.

How To Find The List Of Inactive Apps In Android Device

Step 5: Now you will get the list of Inactive apps in your android device.

The list helps you to uninstall the inactive apps which you haven’t used for many days. I recommend you to try this method on your Android devices [smartphoen or tablet] and save some memory/resource for better performance on your device.

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