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Fnatic Overcome Scare From MiBR To Reach Flashpoint Season 2 Upper Bracket Final

Fnatic clawed their way through a grand total of seven match points to claim a gruelling triple overtime win on Overpass, before absolutely smashing MiBR on Vertigo to become the second team to make it to the Upper Bracket Final at Flashpoint Season 2. In what was one of the longest matches the tournament had thrown up so far, the series was a living example of the famous ‘just Fnatic things’ saying present in CS:GO, with the Swedes constantly operating with a broken economy and winning an absolute plethora of force buy and eco rounds to keep themselves in the hunt on their map pick.

It was a hard lesson for the Brazilians, who easily should have stolen Overpass from Fnatic, and it was clear that the loss on the first map sent their confidence spiralling ahead of the second. It remains to be seen how this exciting new-look side will bounce back from such a tough loss to take, but the long and short of things is the reminder to every competitive CS:GO side in the world that you simply cannot drop so many chances to close out a map against a side like Fnatic like MiBR did here.

Here’s the full lowdown on what will be remembered as one of the most thrilling matches in Esports this year.


MiBR made the smart decision to remove Inferno from being available as Fnatic’s pick, meaning that Overpass always looked the most likely option for the Swedes’ choice. The current lineup of MiBR had only ever played Overpass competitively together once, losing 16-14, and they instantly proved to be a tough nut to crack starting on the CT side. Leo_Drk, Lucas1 and IGL kNgV- all took the map by storm, all finishing with over 30 kills after overtime and a rating of 1.10 or above. For Fnatic, only JW came close to matching this output with 39 kills, 12 assists, a round contribution rate of 65.2%, 88.5 average damage dealt per round and a rating of 1.17.

Fnatic was way off the pace for the most part in their individual battles and was dangerously reliant on some daredevil clutches by Flusha and Krimz to steer them through the rounds. Brollan and Golden seemed to be losing their 1v1 duels more often than not, and the Swedes were never really able to muster enough consistent round wins together to put together a decent economy.

The clutch by Krimz on the B Bombsite to take the game to overtime was a testament to Fnatic’s experience on the server, and proved to be the difference between the two sides overall in the end.


It’s so often the way in CS:GO that after a gruelling match that goes into overtime the losing side in that map often crumbles in the next, and that was sadly the case for this inexperienced and increasingly dejected-looking MiBR team.

Vertigo is a map that Fnatic has been playing more and more frequently over the past few months, so it was a surprise to see the Brazilians pick into it as their map of choice. Fnatic was given an edge in the CS:GO betting markets online, and the Swedes romped out to a 12-3 lead on their CT side, essentially ending the map and the series there and then.

JW once again flexed himself as Fnatic’s best player with 23 kills, 127.7 average damage dealt per round and a series a high overall rating of 1.85. Krimz and Golden both managed to contribute effectively with 1.86 and 1.26 ratings respectively, showcasing the huge difference between the two sides between the two maps. 88 kills and 22 assists for Fnatic against just 55 and 11 for MiBR really does tell the story of just how one-sided Vertigo was as a map compared to Overpass being pushed to the absolute limits.

Fnatic will now have a respite day to unwind after this gruelling series before taking on Virtus.Pro in the upper bracket grand final. Virtus. Pro will certainly be a more seasoned challenge for the Swedes to overcome, however, and Fnatic won’t have the luxury of being able to rely on broken economies and the last gasp clutches to steer them through again.

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