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From Beginner to Master: 5 Free-To-Play Essentials to Prevail in Summoners War

There is the reason why Summoner’s War has been so successful and achieved over 100 Million downloads worldwide. Learning all the intricacies of how the world works, and seeing how Com2Us keep adding to and developing the game to give the players more of what they want demonstrates that they are committed to continuing the provision of a great game that they have put a lot of creativity into.

Understanding Monsters

There are a lot of monsters in the Summoners War, of varying degrees of strength, which can be improved by evolving them. They can also be awakened, which transforms them into a different monster using different essences.

Managing all these different elements, making sure that you have something like Summoners War Best 2 Star Monsters to help you understand how best to pick your monsters and develop them, and knowing how to generate enough Mana Crystals is vital.

Get Lots Of Crystals

Mana Crystals are the in-game currency, and everything from upgrading the Runes you have to upgrade your monsters, and any equipment that you are going to need, is dependent on your ability to exchange them crystals for them. You need lots of them.

Youtube is a great source of data on this, with countless gamers giving away their secrets as to how they managed to generate a lot of crystals.  This player, just from doing the regular actions of someone who is playing the games and moving through the levels, shows how you can get enough crystals to make it very viable to remain F2P and keep playing an enjoyable game.

Participate in Events

Events regularly occur within the game, which you can participate in. There are also possible local events in your area that you can attend, and you can also follow the official Summoners War stream which will keep you up to date about different things that are set up for you to attend where you can get rewards. The stream runs every Wednesday and Friday and is a great source of information.

These events are set up for low, middle and end game players, and will usually let you know what exactly it is that you will be doing to earn your rewards.

Take Part In Raids

To be able to take part in raids you must complete a World Boss battle at least once, and then you gain access to Rift of Worlds, where you compete in a multiplayer format against Raid Bosses.

You are going to want your front four to be able to do a lot of damage to that boss, so they need to be tanky. That backline is best made up of healers or units that can cleanse. The front four are also going to be protecting those in the back.

Play In The World Arena

Every victory you achieve means you will get victory points, and every loss deducts from those points. At the end of the tournament, your victory points are used to calculate your rank. Before the end of the season, which lasts three months, you will be given separate awards, aside from the victory points. Players also get medals for each victory which can be cashed in at the World Arena Shop.

At the end of every season, the player’s victory points will be reset based on their grade in the previous season, and this will determine the initial matchmaking during placement matches, and also determine each player’s official starting grade. Every player has to play in 10 placement matches against random players at the start of each season, and then this will determine where they rank and what their grade is when they head into the official matches.

From Beginner To Master

The depth and the detail in this game look set to continue its intriguing path, as new monsters and new characters are regularly added. The journey that you embark upon after those initial missions is going to take you through a lot of different environments and is going to pit you against some pretty dangerous foes.

The great thing is that as you take on and complete the smaller missions, and use things like raids to develop your skills as a player in your own rights, and within a multiplayer environment you are going to advance really quickly. It is an enjoyable and easy way to play the game, to get rewards, and to progress towards your goal of completing each stage of the game.

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