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Get Android MarshMallow Doze Battery Saver Option in Lollipop

Google announced Android MarshMallow this year with lots of new features. After its official launch, many people like its “Doze Mode” feature, which increases the battery life of the device by stopping certain apps from running in the background and it will stop the apps not to connect to network while the screen is off. But this feature is in-built with MarshMallow and only few devices got the update till now. Already the major smart phone makers scheduled MarshMallow update for their devices, but still it will take sometime to get the MarshMallow update on all devices. No need to wait until your device get MarshMallow update.

A new app called “Doze” which gives all the features of MarshMallow Doze Battery Saver Option. You can install it and experience the MarshMallow Doze feature on your devices running on Android Lollipop. Doze app will work on Android devices running on 4.1 and above, but the power-saving option will work only on Android Lollipop. The app is developed by Yirgalab from New York. The size of the app is less than 2 MB. The app has already crossed 50K downloads. The app is free to download and use.

doze app

As I said, the app gives you full features of MarshMallow Doze Battery Saver Option, which increase the battery life by stopping all the apps from running in the background except the apps you select and it stop the apps from connecting to network when the screen is off, so it allows you to save the data more. The app will start immediately when the screen is off and stop once the screen is on, but in native Android MarshMallow, the doze feature will start only when your device is inactive for more than 30 minutes. You will get messages and notifications during the screen is off.

The app is easy to install and after installing it, just choose the apps you want to run in the background and nothing to do more, the app will take care of the rest.

I have been using this app for the past two days and all i can say is this is one of the best battery/data saver app I have used. After installing it, I didn’t experience any slowness in the device. It uses less RAM.

Download the app from Google Play Store

Share your experience on how long the battery increases and how much data saved after using this app.

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