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Get Unlimited Google Photos Storage On Any Android Phone

Google Photos is one of the photo utility offered by Google to backup our photos in the cloud, but the storage space is limited. However, Google Pixel phones and the newly launched Android One phones are bundled with the unlimited storage for Google Photos. It allows you to upload your photos and videos in full resolution. But other than Google Pixel and Android One users can also avail the unlimited storage for Google photos with a simple hack found by XDA Forum Member.

The hack works by copying the .xml file found in the Pixel phones so that Google Photos app will think that you are using Pixel Phone. In addition to the unlimited storage on Google Photos app, you will also get access to Pixel exclusive wallpapers on any of your android phone. In order to get this working for you, make sure you have the root access to copy the file to the root folder on your android smartphone and then follow the steps from XDADevelopers.

The hack is working fine on devices or running Nougat and upper versions. I have tested this hack on my device running on Nougat and its working fine. Google may soon disable this loophole anytime through a server-side update. Don’t try this hack unless you need unlimited storage for Google Photos. XDADevelopers team will update on their website accordingly if this hack stops working.

Note: Please try this hack on your own risk, it may collapse the photos if Google sends any updates to fix this loophole.

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