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GitHub URL Tweak – Get Direct Link to files hosted in GitHub

Today, I have simple GitHub URL tweak, which allows the users to get the direct link to any file hosted in GitHub. Many of you may aware of GitHub or mostly people might download some files, software from their website. Many open source softwares are hosted in GitHub. But while accessing the files on GitHub, it always loads each and every file inside the GitHub page. You can view the content of the file directly without any additional plugins or extensions. So it will be helpful and save your data when you have a limited browsing plan. So let’s see how to get a direct link to any file. Before we start let’s see something about GitHub.

What is GitHub?

GitHub is a place for developers where they can host their projects and its source code. It provides a Web-based Graphical Interface, desktop application and also mobile integration.
GitHub is mainly used to host open-source software projects. To host open source projects we can sign up with their free plan. If you want to make your codes secret, you can buy a paid repositories from them. It includes many features like developers. We can also host small websites in public repositories. Google about GitHub and know more.

GitHub URL Tweak to Get Direct Link to any file hosted in GitHub:

1. Get the URL of the file, say some https://github.com/xxxxx/xxx.jpg , this will load the content xxx.jpg inside a GitHub repository page.

Before Appending ?raw=true
Before Appending ?raw=true

2. Now append ?raw=true to the file URL and load the page, like https://github.com/xxxxx/xxx.jpg?raw=true , this will be the direct link to the file and it load only the content of the file.

After Appending ?raw=true
After Appending ?raw=true

The existing file URL remains the same even after loading it with ?raw=true. You won’t see ?raw=true in the URL after it loads.

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