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Google Drive API for Android – Store App Data to Google Drive

Google has rolled out a Google Drive API for android. This new API was faster and enables your apps to integrate with Drive within minutes. If you have less internal storage on your android device and this API is very helpful. It allows the developers to store the app data to Google drive instead of storing it on phone memory. Main feature is the data stored by apps in Google drive can be synced between devices.


Don’t worry that if your app will not work if you have not connected to any network. When an Internet connection not available, the data will be stored locally until it can reach Google Drive. Hence there is no inconvenience.

Complete details about this API @ Google’s Official Developers Blog.

Below are the list of new features in this API:

1. Transparent use and syncing of local storage
2. Designed for Android and available everywhere
3. User interface components
4. Direct access to Drive functionality

Checkout Google DevBytes Video for More:


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