Google Glass is one of the popular wearable [eye-wear] device launched sometime back. Now Google announced a beta program for Google Glass, so that anyone in the US can get Google Glass by paying $1500. It will be available until stocks ran out. By paying $1500 you can get the Glass Explorer edition from Glass Official Website without any invite. The eyewear-mounted device, which is still at the beta development stage.

Few weeks back Google opened up Glass sales for a day and it received a huge response. Google added it will continue to improve the software and hardware for Google Glass on the upcoming days.


The consumer version is expected to go on sale to the public towards the end of 2014. Google Glass can record video, access email, give turn-by-turn driving directions and retrieve information from the web by connecting wirelessly to a user’s phone. Google Glass has also raised privacy and safety concerns, prompting legislators in some jurisdictions to propose bans or limits on its use including when driving.

If you are ready to spend $1500 and if you are in the US, you can start to see what Google Glass can do , or purchase the Glass, or go talk to them!

To mark the occasion, Google has also posted a thank you video to early members of its Explorer program: