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Google Tone – Instant Sharing over Audio, An Experimental Chrome Extension

Google Research Team has developed an experimental chrome extension and they named it as “Tone”. In simple, Using Tone extension you can share the URL of the current tab to the nearest audible devices over audio. This will make the sharing easier than ever.

Tone can be installed in any computer with Google Chrome browser. It is now available in Chrome Web Store. The extension is still in development, the users can try installing the extension directly from Chrome Web Store. There is an official post on Google Research Blog about this Experimental Chrome Extension.

“Why Google Tone?

Google Tone helps computers communicate like we do—by talking to each other. It’s a browser extension that lets Chrome use your computer’s speakers to produce a special sound signature for other computers’ microphones to identify as a URL.”

How it Works:

Tone uses sound to transmit the communication using your speakers and microphones. The current version uses dual-tone multi-frequency signaling system, which is similar to telephone systems. It turns on your microphone when the plugin is enabled. Once you click the plugin, a beep sound will be triggered and it stores the URL of the current tab in Google Servers temporarily and use your computer speakers/microphone to send to the URL to systems nearby you. This will work only if the destination system also installed this extension on their chrome browser. The destination user will get a notification with your Google Profile name, picture and the URL you shared.

The developers hope that this extension will be useful to small teams, Students in a class room, families and friends group. As of now you can only share the URL’s.


Pros :

You can share the URL’s instantly with your friends and family without any strain.
If you share your logged in mail URL, don’t worry the destination user will be prompted to login, hence this extension is secure.


The extension uses your own speakers and microphones, hence you will be able to share to the very nearby system only as you can see in the pictures, you can’t share for the system with long distance. You can’t expect, that the system behind walls and blocks will receive the broadcast. Also, not all the nearby system will receive the broadcast.

As the plugin is an experimental one, so we can’t imagine more, but anyway we can expect more features in the upcoming version soon.

Download and Try:

Download Tone Extension from Chrome Web Store

Share your views about this chrome extension in comments.

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