Google has launched a new feature in its search called ‘I’m Feeling Curious’. This new feature in Google search brings you the random facts from internet. After the update to its Logo earlier this month, this new feature was added to the search.

Are you tried of searching for something and not sure what to search on google? Then just type ‘I’m Feeling Curious’. This will display a random question with answer from internet. Link to the source was also displayed below the answer. The box will contain “ASK ANOTHER QUESTION” button, which will deliver the random facts when you click.

Below are the random facts displayed to me when i tried ‘I’m Feeling Curious’.

Is O positive or O negative the universal donor?
How does a giraffe sleep?
Who succeeded Ramses the Great?


1. Go to Google Search
2. Type I’m Feeling Curious
3. Random Fact will be displayed as shown below.

i'm feeling curious

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