Facebook and Twitter the two popular social media which allows to share your views and connect with family, friends or public. Many of us using both Facebook and Twitter simultaneously. Whenever we want to share a post with Facebook and Twitter friends, family or public, its time-consuming and sometimes we forget to post in any one media. So there are a lot of difficulties in posting our views simultaneously in both media.

So how to make it simple? Can we set auto-post Facebook Messages to Twitter? Do you have these questions in mind and want to find the solution for it. With a solution for this i made a detailed steps on how to Auto-Post Facebook Messages to Twitter.

Using this feature you can auto-post your Facebook profile posts or Page posts to your Twitter Timeline without login it your twitter account.

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How it Works?

Once after enabling this feature, Facebook has a read and write permission on your twitter profile. So whenever you post in Facebook, it automatically writes it to your twitter profile. To make this happen you need to authorize Facebook app in your twitter profile.

How To Protect my Private Post from Autoposting?
Facebook will auto post the contents to twitter only if the post is visible to public.

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How To Steps:

Screenshots in the below steps was made while Linking a Facebook profile to Twitter.

1. Login to your Facebook Profile.
2. After Login Navigate to Facebook To Twitter Page. This page specially for Linking your Facebook profile to twitter.
3. You can Link your profile as well as Facebook page to your twitter profile. If you want to Link your Profile, click on “Link My Profile to Twitter” or if you want to link page, click on “Link a page to Twitter”


Note : You can Link both profile and page one by one.
5. Once you click the you will be redirected to Twitter page to authorize Facebook. Enter your Twitter Username and password and click on “Authorize App” . As i said early this will to allow read and write permission.

6. Now you will be again brought you to the Facebook page and this page gives confirmation about your linking as shown in the screenshot. You can customize the posts you want to auto post on twitter by checking check boxes and finally click “Save changes”.

7. That’s All. From now whenever you post a content in Facebook, then the post will be automatically share on your twitter timeline as well.

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