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Guide To Connect and Use Mouse in Micromax A114 Canvas 2.2

Smartphones are equipped with more technical features. Nowadays smartphones are becoming a replacement for computers. One of the feature of smartphones is you can connect your mouse to the smart phone and access all the actions using the mouse. In this tutorial, i’m going to show you how to Connect and Use Mouse in Micromax A114 Canvas 2.2 SmartPhone. With this feature you can connect a wireless mouse to your phone and access the phone from long distance. Before we go, check how to connect external usb storage in Micromax A114 Canvas 2.2 phone.

Requirements :
1. OTG Cable.
2. Mouse
and obviously
3. Micromax canvas 2.2 [ A114 ] smart phone.

How To Steps:
1. Connect your OTG cable to your smart phone.
2. Now connect the mouse to OTG cable. Now phone, OTG and mouse are all connected together.
3. Immediately after connecting the mouse, you can see the cursor in your smart phone.
4. That’s it. Now you can do all the actions in your smart phone using the mouse.

How To Control Mouse Pointer Speed:

You can also control the mouse pointer speed in phone. To do so, follow the below steps:

1. Goto Settings -> Language & Input
2. Now Scroll down to the last and there you can see “Mouse/TrackPad“.
3. Now tap on “Pointer Speed” and adjust accordingly.

Screenshot_2014-03-26-11-14-00 Screenshot_2014-03-26-11-14-12Checkout Video Tutorial;

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