All the popular Social media websites are now offering to embed the posts in websites/blogs to make more visitor attraction and new visitors. Google Plus is one of the popular social media service from the Internet Leader Google. You can embed the Google Plus public posts in your websites/blogs. Using this embedded post, your signed-in Google+ readers can +1 or comment on your post directly from your site or follow the author. On the other hand WordPress the popular blogging platform makes the embedding process more easier. Lets see how to embed Google Plus post in WordPress powered websites. Before you start checkout our Google+ Page and follow.

How To Steps:

You can embed Google Plus posts in WordPress using the below two methods.

  • Embedding with a URL
  • Embedding with a shortcode

Embedding with a URL :
This is the simplest process to embed the Google Plus Post in WordPress. All you need to do is just google and paste the URL of the Google Plus post in the post where you want to display and wordpress will automatically detect the Google Plus URL and it will embed the post.

How To Get the URL of the Google Plus Post :

To embed the Google Plus post, you need the specific post URL. To get the URL of the particular post, just right-click on the time in the post as shown in the screenshot and copy the URL.

Google Plus Embed (1)

Sample URL :

And paste the URL in the Post where you want to display.

Embedding with a shortcode:
If you are using short codes in your wordpress then you can also embed the Google Plus post using the Shortcode. Just replace the URL of the post in the below code and paste it in the post.

Google Plus Embed (2)

Google Plus Post Not Showing ?

Sometimes you may do all the steps properly but still the Google Plus post was not visible in your blog post? No worries. Just check the URL of the post and if it looks like below

then change it like the below URL .

It works on many cases.

If you embed the Google Plus correctly then it will look like below.

Embedding with a URL:

Embedding with a shortcode:

[googleplus url=]

Check the List of Supported posts:

Google clarified the list of Support and Unsupported posts for embedding in its developer website.

In addition to posts that contain text and links, the following additional types of posts are supported as embedded posts:

  • Posts with images – The post will render with the image. Clicking the image directs the visitor to the image view on Google+.
  • Posts with videos – The post will render with the video. Clicking the video will play the video within the embedded post.
  • Posts with links to a community – Your visitors can click-through to view the community as they would in the stream.

The following post types are not supported:

  • Posts from within a community, including publicly reshared posts from a community.
  • Posts that are restricted to a Google Apps domain
  • Private posts
  • Events posts
  • Hangout on Air posts

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Hope now you will embed Google Plus post in your WordPress powered websites. Please let me know if you have any suggestions/doubts via comments.