Hi T2Lead Readers, After posting an Guide To Embed Google Plus Posts in WordPress recently, i received lot of emails from the readers on requesting to post an similar article about Embedding Facebook and Twitter Posts in Websites and blogs. Hence today i’m posting a detailed Guide on how to Embed Facebook Posts in Websites and Blogs.

Embedding Facebook Posts :

Embedded Posts lets you easily add the public posts from Facebook to your blog or website. With a simple piece of code or plugin, you can easily integrate Facebook posts to your blog and websites in a minute of time. By embedding the posts from Facebook, you can make your blog/website content more interactive.

Note : Before you go, keep it mind that you can embed posts which are all shared as public.

Guide to Embed Facebook Posts in Websites and Blogs (3)

How To Embed Facebook Post with a HTML Code:
To embed a Facebook post to your custom website or blog, you can do this by a piece of code provided by Facebook. To get the embed code follow the below steps.

1. Login and browse to Facebook post. Check whether it is shared to public.
2. Once confirmed, click on the drop down arrow located at the top right corner of every post.
3. Now from the drop down menu, click on “Embed Post”.

A popup window will be displayed with a line of code with live preview on how it will look in your site or blog. Copy the code and paste it on your website or blog.

Guide to Embed Facebook Posts in Websites and Blogs (2)
4. That’s it, Now You can see the Facebook post on your website or blog.

How To get URL of an Facebook Post:
To get the URL of the particular Facebook post, move your cursor to the date of the post and click on the date. Now the particular post will open and the URL will be like


Guide to Embed Facebook Posts in Websites and Blogs (2)

How To get Different styles of Embed code:
Many websites and blogs using different set of codes. Hence instead of getting the default embed code as stated above, you can also get HTML5, XFBML, IFRAME codes for the post to embed.
To get this follow the below steps:
1. Login to Facebook and then navigate to Facebook Developers Embed Page
2. Now Paste the URL of the post you want to get the code in the “URL of the Post” box and specify the width.
3. You will see the live preview of the post.
4. Now click on “Get Code” button and now a pop up will open with different set of codes to embed. Get your desired code and embed the post.

How To Embed Facebook Post in WordPress Blog:
In WordPress you can have multiple options to display embedded post on your blog post. Checkout the below possible ways.

Method 1:
You can embed Facebook post into your blog post by copy and paste the line of code as said above. To do so, click on “Text” tab on your post editor and paste the code.

Guide to Embed Facebook Posts in Websites and Blogs

Method 2 :
If you’re not well with codes, you can go for plugins. Many plugins are available in wordpress.org site to embed Facebook posts in to your wordpress blog post.

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