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All You Need to Know About How Portable Wi-Fi Devices Work

Have you ever faced that situation where you urgently needed to send an email or download a file while traveling and have no access to Wi-Fi? Now, no need to go around the city searching for a free hotspot as you can carry your own hotspot wherever you go with a portable Wi-Fi device.

What is a portable Wi-Fi device?

A portable Wi-Fi or hotspot device is a small router that lets you connect to the Internet while on the go. Some Wi-Fi routers are so small that they are almost the size of a credit card. Such type of portable devices may easily fit into your pocket.

Portable hotspot devices are of two types:

  • A rechargeable hotspot device
  • A hotspot built into a smartphone

How do they work?

Hotspot devices offer the same benefits that your mobile phone gets when connected to the 3G or 4G Internet. It works same as a regular Wi-Fi router. Once your phone is connected to the portable device, you may use and share this connection with other Wi-Fi enabled devices. Some portable devices may even connect up to more than 30 devices at a single time!

With a portable Wi-Fi device, leave behind the hassles of selecting a place near the router or searching for a free public hotspot. You may take it along everywhere. These devices have a number of security features to prevent unauthorized people from gobbling up your data. It also gives you some privacy and protects you from hackers while you transfer confidential information.

How to set up a hotspot?

If you are using an Android phone:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select the Tethering and Portable Hotspot option
  • Select Set Up WLAN/ Hotspot to set a password and save it
  • Switch on the Portable WLAN/ Hotspot

If you are using an iPhone:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Personal Hotspot
  • Set the Wi-Fi password
  • Toggle the Personal Hotspot option

If you are using a rechargeable hotspot device:

  • Just switch it on!

How to connect to a portable device?

Here are some tips on how to connect to a portable Wi-Fi:

  • Make sure the device you want to connect is Wi-Fi enabled
  • Turn on the device’s Wi-Fi
  • In the list of networks detected, select the hotspot’s name
  • Fill in the password details on your device
  • Hit connect

Rechargeable hotspot device or smartphone – which has more benefits?

Here are the benefits of smartphone hotspot:

  • Simplifies your life by letting you carry no extra device
  • If you misplace your phone, you may call on it to locate its position. The same cannot be done for rechargeable hotspot devices.
  • Most smartphones let you shift your service provider whenever you want, which may not happen with all routers

Here are some benefits of rechargeable hotspot devices:

  • You don’t completely drain your phone’s battery
  • Better speeds and data as your phone won’t be using up any data
  • With some phones, the data connection gets disrupted if there is a call. With a rechargeable hotspot device, you will not have to choose between data and voice.

Get a portable Wi-Fi device now, connect your laptop, and enjoy blazing speeds anywhere you go.

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