RSS feeds enable publishers to syndicate data automatically. RSS includes a full or a summarized text, metadata like publishing date and author’s name. Every blogger will have an RSS feed for their blog. With RSS feed, a blogger can grow their subscribers and reach many users. Almost all the bloggers use Feedburner to publish their RSS feeds. By default, feedburner will not display any images in the feed if you choose “summary” option in the feed. But to make your feed attractive, you can add featured image to the RSS feed with a WordPress plugin. Let’s see how to add featured image to RSS Feed and this post is based on WordPress blogs.

Before you go Checkout the TechToLead’s Live Feed with Featured Images.

How To Steps:

1. Download and install Featured Images in RSS w/ Size and Position plugin from WordPress.
2. Once installed, activate the plugin and go to the Settings page of the plugin.
3. Here you can customize the options on where to display the images in your RSS feed and you can choose the size of the image using different size options.

How To Add Featured Image to RSS Feed for WordPress Blogs (1)
4. Once done, click Save Changes.

Now your RSS feed will start display images.