In windows 8, once after you boot it takes you to the Metro Tiles Start screen and then you have go to the desktop. But in the previous versions of Microsoft operating systems after boot it takes you directly to the Desktop. Want to do the same on your Windows 8 also?

Microsoft released Windows 8.1 and we have an option to directly boot into desktop instead of going to Metro tiles Start Screen. Lets See how to do the same.

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[How To] Bypass Metro Tiles and Direct Boot into Desktop in Windows 8.1

How To Steps:
1. From Your Taskbar Right click and select Properties.

2. Now in the Taskbar Properties window go to Navigation properties tab.

3. Now Enable “When I sign in or close all apps on a screen, go to the desktop instead of Start” option from the “Start screen” section.

4. Click Apply and Ok  and that’s it.

5. Now restart your computer and after boot it will directly takes you to the desktop instead of Metro Tiles Start Screen.