Hi windows users, while at the time of windows installation it prompts for the computer name and you have specified some name to it. After completion of OS installation, if you want to change your computer name and to know how? We made this tutorial to show how to Change Computer Name in Windows.

How To Steps:
1. Go to System Properties. To do so right click on My Computer and navigate to properties.
2. Here under computer name, domain and workgroup settings you can see your computer name. Click on the Change Settings on right side.

3. In the prompted window navigate to “To rename this computer or change its domain or workgroup, click change” and click the “Change” button.

4. Now type the name you want change as your computer name and click ok.


5. Your computer name will changed once after restarting the system.
6. That’s it.

Note : These steps will work on Windows 7/8