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How To Change Google Now Notification Ringtone and Vibrate

Google Now is the personal voice assistant by Google. Google Now was especially available in android operating system and give the information to the users in their hand itself. Recently Google has upgraded it and made a card based views. We can get a lot of information from Google Now like weather, reminders, trending news, sports team update, stock quotes, nearby places, etc.,

Every app has notification and Google Now too has notification to intimate the user about the reminders or updates. Boring of hearing the same default ringtone for all the apps and want to change the ringtone alone for Google Now Notifications? No worries, here we have an solution for it. We can change the ringtone and vibrate settings for Google Now notifications. Lets see the how to steps.

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How To Steps:

1. Open Google Now page on your android device.
2. Tap on Menu button and choose “Settings”
3. Now under settings page, tap on “Notifications”
4. Here you “Ring Tone” menu, tap on that and browse your ringtone and choose.
5. Also you can turn on or off your vibrate settings from the same page.

Checkout the Video for Better understanding:

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”K6an3qHUYxs”]

Do let me know your any other ways to do the same or your suggestions via comments.

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