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[How To] Change the Language in On-Screen Keyboard [Windows 8]

Most of us using one of the best feature of windows, that is OSK[On Screen Keyboard]. We use this program if we are going to type in the language in which we are not well-known in the keystrokes.

In windows 8[the latest operating system of windows] we can get this feature.

Ways to Open OSK:

1. Simply press the windows key and type osk and you will get the OSK[as shown in the screenshot]

Screenshot (32)


2. Go to Run and type osk and it will open the program.

Now OSK will be default with the language you have installed at the time of loading the operating system into your PC. How we can change the language in OSK? In this tutorial, we have listed out a simple steps to do so and a small video clip for better understanding.

How To Steps :

1. To change the language in OSK first you decide the language to want change and add the language in your Operating System as per the steps mentioned in this post [https://www.techtolead.com/how-to-add-a-new-language-in-windows-8-input-method/

2. Now you will see the Language tab in the taskbar [ as shown in the screenshot] in that we can see the list of languagesĀ  you have added.


3. Now open the OSK[On Screen Keyboard] as per the steps explained above. After the program launched click Language tab in the taskbar and select the language to want to change in the OSK. Now the language will automatically changed in the OSK.

4. That’s it.

Check out the Video Tutorial for better understanding.

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