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How To Check for Updates on Android Wear Devices

As Google introduced Android Wear in its recent Google I/O 2014 developers conference. Android Wear Devices are available in the market and if you not have Wear devices, you can buy it from Google Play Store. Android Wear Devices comes with Android Wear operating system. Like Android, you can update Android Wear operating system right from your wrist. If the update is available you will receive an update alert on your wrist. Also you can manually check for the updates.

How To Check for Updates on Android Wear Devices Manually:
To check for an update is easy as steps similar to check for updates on android smartphones. Here we can have the steps.

1. Navigate to “Settings” – Settings is near the bottom of the list of actions in your android wear device.
2. Then navigate to “About” -> “System Updates”.

3. Once you tap on “System Updates”, your device start searching for the updates from the Google server and display whether update is available else it displays your “System is up to date” like the below screenshot.


Note : Your watch need to be connected to your phone in order for it to check for an update.

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