How To Check Whether features Installed in Windows 8/8.1

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Windows 8 operating system comes with lot features and while installing it will install the default features only. Then how we now that what features are installed and what else are not?

For this we have made a simple visual/text tutorial to check what features are installed in windows 8/8.1.

Steps to Check :

1. Open Control Panel.
2. Then navigate to Programs Category and then to Programs and Features Link.
3. Here you will get the list of installed programs in your PC
4. Now look into the left top corner and you will find out “Turn Windows Features On or Off”
5. Click on the link and a pop up will open and there you’ll find the list of windows features and which are installed will be with a Tick Mark.
6. That’s it.

Note : To install the new features you will either need an Operating system DVD or some downloads need to be done from internet.