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How to Choose a Suitable AWS Partner

By 2025, the market for public cloud computing in India will expand to $800 billion. The AWS, which stands for the Amazon Web Services, has a whopping 76 percent of the overall enterprise cloud adoption. To deal effectively with Cloud infrastructure on AWS, you must collaborate with a specialized AWS partner.

A good AWS consulting partner in India specializes in cloud solutions such as web and application hosting, cloud migration, IoT solution, and support facilities.

However, it sure can be a bit overwhelming to narrow down to a suitable partner as there are many of them. Here are the essential factors you should know to make the correct decision.

What Kind of AWS Partner will Be Suitable for You?

AWS consulting partner manages your complete cloud infrastructure on AWS. But with the rise of AWS, you must find the best one for your business.

Good ones allow you to take advantage of cloud technology and make the migration to AWS a seamless experience. The AWS partner directory is replete with partners and integrators. They have increased tremendously in the past five years.

So, to find the best consulting partner, you must note that there are two kinds of technology partners and consulting partners. You must select the partner that matches with your unique business needs.

  • Technology partners – It comprises over 700 companies that provide management solutions. They also provide Amazon APIs. Some of these partners also give a choice to bolt management. They are internet service providers of cloud solutions.

    These are also segmented into registered partnership, standard, and advanced levels. The list can bewilder you. So, go through the AWS partner page to choose vendors according to certain guidelines like geographical domain.

  • Consulting partners – They refer to firms possessing practical experience. They give support with your tailored project in the traditional outsourcing model. Every type of business can reach out to them to develop their business in a better manner.

    A dependable AWS consulting partner in India has a committed team of AWS qualified and trained resources. Thus, it can confront any challenges that business faces on their journey to AWS.

    Consulting partners are further segmented into registered and Advanced standards. This categorization is as per their expertise and experience. Companies collaborate with these consultants to outline their projects and create unique solutions.

Factors for Choosing a Good AWS Consulting Partner

After determining the kind of AWS partner that will meet your needs, you must segregate the ideal one as per various factors. Here are the things you should consider.

  • Knowledge of cloud – It’s the most factor when deciding to work with an AWS consulting partner. The partner you choose must be knowledgeable about the cloud. You won’t gain any benefits by working with those who still rely on conventional hardware. So, it’s essential to understand their experience with the cloud.
  • Skillset – Your AWS partner should be well-versed with the AWS language. They must be familiar with next-generation practices like DevOps and continuous integration. A good hold over the AWS system will enable them to meet the cloud maturity level.
  • Experience – It is another crucial factor that you should never overlook. Your partner should have a wealth of experience with cloud platform operations. A great way to assess the experience is to go through their prior records. It’ll help you find if they can meet your enterprise needs or not.

With a reliable consulting partner, you can deploy cloud services hassle-free. Keep these factors in mind so you can work with a good partner for your business growth.

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